Solar Home Light System /

Home Light System-COMBO 850

Solar Combo - 850VA Inverter / 300Ah Battery - (150x2)  / 400 Watt Panel

Product Descriptions : 

Solar 850 Combo is designed to give power supply for 4-6 hours to 2-3 BHK homes in India having severe power cuts and unreliable electricity supply. It is a Small Power plant which can run a Peak Load upto 650 Watts. 

The Solar Combo helps you to save Electricity of almost 1.5 Units per day which is used in battery charging.

Solar Hybrid Inverter - 850 VA,   Solar Battery -300 Ah - Tall Tubular and 

Solar Panel - 2*200 Watt - 25 yeas performance Warranty

Ideal for running :  2 Ceiling Fan + 3 CFL + 3 Tube light + 1 Television + 1 Laptop/Mobile Charging.

Backup Time **

Load 500 W 400 W 300 W 200 W
Duration 2 Hrs 30 Min 3 Hrs 30 Min 4 Hrs 30 Min

7 Hrs 30 Min


Why Solar Installation is Costly?

Installation of Solar Solution needs Mounting of solar panel on the Roof, There will be structure which does not rust and last for decades. 

UV protected wires and cables are used which are lowest conductor resistance and high mechanical strength for varying weather conditions. 

Solar Certified engineer are required for Installation as Angle and Direction of Solar panel is very important. Any mistake here will directly impact Production of solar energy. 

** Back up time is Under Standard Test conditions, may vary depending upon load types, temperature and ageing.

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